Drop the Drama

Drop the Drama

“Did you hear…?”

Workplace rumors and disputes make everyone uncomfortable, even for those not involved directly.

When you are faced with a conflict, be calm and try to work things out with the other person. If emotions get too high, consult with a supervisor to be a mediator.

Keep to yourself and don’t get involved in other employees’ business. Nothing good can come from being a section in the grape vine.

Dropping the drama will build trust and respect between you and your coworker family. You spend several hours together almost everyday, so be cooperative and have less stress in your day.

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Nominate an Employee

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Do you want to nominate an employee for their outstanding performance, dedication, and contribution to LGSTX? This is the opportunity for LGSTX employees to shine in the spotlight and get the recognition they deserve for everything they do.

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Work as a Team

How to be a Leader

Tips on What it Takes to Make Things Work
Read these quick tips on good leadership skills that you can use at work, coaching, mentoring, or even for your roles at home.

Policy Review

Zero Tolerance Workplace Violence

It is a privilege to work at a job site that has high standards of security, but that does not rule out the threat of employee violence. It is important for everyone to understand what is considered to be violent behavior and to report such behavior immediately before what seems like a simple argument becomes a serious altercation.