How to be a Leader

How to be a Leader

Tips on What it Takes to Make Things Work

1.Be confident to show that you have the ability to be a successful leader

2.Be kind but firm by setting boundaries, but do it gently, no need to be overly forceful.

3.Be an expert and know what you’re talking about or find out, don’t fake something you have no clue about.

4.Be decisive and make a decision to move on. Be certain to get opinions and suggestions, but you need to have a final and clear decision.

5.Be willing to have people disagree with you because you can’t make everyone happy and you shouldn’t take that fact personally. Just be sure to have reasonable boundaries and requests.

6.Know when to make an executive decision and when to get other’s input. Knowing the appropriate times to make a decision yourself will save time so that the decision can be acted on.

7.Have a vision to inspire your workers and make them proud for what they are striving towards.

8.Care about the people you lead because your employees will respect and treasure your sincerity.

9.Mentor people because good leaders will have people that will want to learn from them and you will be a role model that they will always be looking to.

10.Fully visualize every consequence of the decisions you make. Always visualize how your plan can go completely wrong and how you can solve it before you make a final decision. This enables you to have a route to take if things do actually go the opposite direction.

Safety Awareness

  • Hearing Conservation Program
    • Working in a loud environment can do serious damage to your hearing. Learn how to prevent damage to your hearing by reading this month’s safety awareness topic.



Nominate an Employee

Here at LGSTX

Do you want to nominate an employee for their outstanding performance, dedication, and contribution to LGSTX? This is the opportunity for LGSTX employees to shine in the spotlight and get the recognition they deserve for everything they do.

Training Tips

Work as a Team

Be a Valuable Employee

10 Things to Make You Priceless
Read these quick tips on how to step up your game at work and make a difference in your workplace.

Policy Review

Workplace Harassment

Everyone deserves to be able to come to work without feeling uncomfortable. Everyone is responsible for creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere by monitoring your behavior.