Making Your Workday Go Faster

Making Your Workday Go Faster

9 Tips to Get Out of a Workday Slump

1.Try not looking at the time. Even go as far as taking off your watch, turning off your phone, or hiding a clock so you can’t keep watching the seconds tick away one at a time.

2.Get the most out of your break by going for a walk, going out to lunch, and/or chit chatting with a coworker. It helps to get your mind off of the project that you have been working on all day.

3.Leave your problems at the door by keeping your work problems at work and your home problems at home. This will also help you distress so that you can deal with one problem at a time and don’t have your mind full of problems all the time.

4.Set small achievable goals by not looking at a long to do list that will take you forever to do. Start with the things that need to be done sooner first and go from there doing one thing at a time.

5.Reward yourself during the transition from completing one task and moving on to another. You can do so by making a trip to get some coffee or refreshing drink.

6.Develop some workplace friendship so that you can have someone to talk to and take your mind off the clock. If you can’t talk and work, take a short break to ask someone how they are and how their work is going. This also helps you to communicate on how projects are going and coordinate with each other so you can help one another out.

7.Listen to some music if the situation permits and is not distracting for others. Some research shows that music actually enables parts in your brain that are responsible for you paying attention. Music might be significant for you to focus on your work and not the clock.

8.Keep busy even if for whatever reason you find yourself without anything to do. For example, your computer or other equipment is out of commission and you can’t complete your normal work. In this case you can try to do what you can without the equipment, ask if someone else needs something done, or organize your work space putting things where they belong.

9.Keep in contact with loved ones during the day. This can be as simple as keeping a picture of your family nearby, sending a joke in a text message to your significant other or friend, or actually call them during your break. Just remember the communication shouldn’t be a distraction to your work or make you think about problems at home. Keeping simple contact can remind you how important your work is and your role in a family.

Safety Awareness

  • Hearing Conservation Program
    • Working in a loud environment can do serious damage to your hearing. Learn how to prevent damage to your hearing by reading this month’s safety awareness topic.



Nominate an Employee

Here at LGSTX

Do you want to nominate an employee for their outstanding performance, dedication, and contribution to LGSTX? This is the opportunity for LGSTX employees to shine in the spotlight and get the recognition they deserve for everything they do.

Training Tips

Work as a Team

Be a Valuable Employee

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Policy Review

Workers Compensation

Despite all the actions taken to prevent accidents from happening, they still can happen. In accordance with the law, LGSTX provides compensation for accidents on the job so that you can get the medical attention required if necessary.