Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

5 Tips to Avoid Mundane Routines

1.Create time with family and friends every week so that you have something to look forward to. Be sure that you manage a schedule so that you don’t have any disappointment from having to cancel because you are overbooked.

2.Delete insignificant activities that are not beneficial to your work or personal life. For example, you try your best to keep good relations with your neighbor, but every time you go to visit they gossip and you leave in a negative a mood. You can still be a good neighbor without visiting very often and having a mind clouded with negativity.

3.Think about the time that you spend on doing chores and errands. See if there might be ways that you can have someone help with the chores so that they can be done faster. Also look into combining your errands all into one day so that you’re not going out each day to run a single errand.

4.Make some time for exercise, witch gives you the opportunity to have family fun or time just for yourself to go out for a jog.

5.Make time to relax and enjoy a hobby, a nice book, or something else you enjoy. It’s nice to have plans to see family, friends, or go places during time off from work, but a busy schedule can be stressful. Allow yourself some time to breath.

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Nominate an Employee

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Do you want to nominate an employee for their outstanding performance, dedication, and contribution to LGSTX? This is the opportunity for LGSTX employees to shine in the spotlight and get the recognition they deserve for everything they do.

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Work as a Team

Be a Valuable Employee

10 Things to Make You Priceless
Read these quick tips on how to step up your game at work and make a difference in your workplace.

Policy Review

Zero Tolerance Workplace Violence

It is a privilege to work at a job site that has high standards of security, but that does not rule out the threat of employee violence. It is important for everyone to understand what is considered to be violent behavior and to report such behavior immediately before what seems like a simple argument becomes a serious altercation.