Cincinnati (CVG) Aviation Support Equipment and Maintenance Services

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Vehicle Maintenance

GSE Rental

Keeping within a schedule is essential. When GSE goes out of service, replacements are necessary. LGSTX Services has a wide array of GSE rentals in stock, and can provide cost breakdowns to help make your GSE rental decision. We can provide GSE by the hour, day, week, or month. Our GSE is professionally maintained to ensure dependability within your operations.

Available Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

  • Bellyloader
  • Pushback Tug (12,000 lb. drawbar)
  • Maintenance Stand (reach: 767)
  • Power Unit 28V & 90KVA
  • Towbar – 767
  • Tug MA50
  • Pushback GT50
  • Airstart – 200 ppm

Location Information
3389 Logan Rd.
Hebron, KY 41048