Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Refurbishing

Today, more than ever, you want the most value for your money. If you are looking to renew you used ground support equipment (GSE), we can provide options to refurbish your ground support equipment (GSE) and restore and tune up to Zerotime. We can help you make the most of your ground support equipment (GSE) investments by refurbishing your ground support equipment (GSE) to increase efficiency and life, and run your ground support equipment (GSE) operation more productively.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) refurbished by LGSTX Services is put through a strenuous 4-step process:

Unit Evaluation

The process begins with the customers unit being put through a rigorous operational check which is designed to identify unit deficiencies. The conclusion of this first step in the process will be a repair/refurbishment overview that LGSTX Services will provide to our customer for review and selection of refurbishment options.


The unit will go through a rigorous operational check to inspect unit deficiencies. LGSTX Services will remove all enclosures and guards to ensure complete unit cleaning, and remove the wheels and tires. LGSTX Services will determine and generate a repair needs overview for customer approval.


LGSTX Services will work with the customer to determine the best possible refurbish to ensure that the unit will be in the required condition for the customers’ operational needs. LGSTX Services only uses proven rebuilt or OEM parts and components. The final operation check and any repairs needed will be completed prior to the refinish.

Quality Control and Detail Inspection

As a final phase to the refurbishment process a LGSTX Service Quality Assurance Inspector will perform a multi-step check on the completed unit to ensure that all customer selected options and specifics have been met. In addition, a final operational condition inspection and overall appearance check of the unit meets our stringent refurbishment guidelines. During this final phase all components are checked and final adjustments are made if required. Upon completion of this phase, the LGSTX Services Quality Assurance Inspector will produce and sign a Final Inspection Check Sheet which will be provided to the customer prior to final delivery of the unit.