Drop the Drama

Drop the Drama

“Did you hear…?”

Workplace rumors and disputes make everyone uncomfortable, even for those not involved directly.

When you are faced with a conflict, be calm and try to work things out with the other person. If emotions get too high, consult with a supervisor to be a mediator.

Keep to yourself and don’t get involved in other employees’ business. Nothing good can come from being a section in the grape vine.

Dropping the drama will build trust and respect between you and your coworker family. You spend several hours together almost everyday, so be cooperative and have less stress in your day.

Safety Awareness

  • Hearing Conservation Program
    • Working in a loud environment can do serious damage to your hearing. Learn how to prevent damage to your hearing by reading this month’s safety awareness topic.



Nominate an Employee

Here at LGSTX

Do you want to nominate an employee for their outstanding performance, dedication, and contribution to LGSTX? This is the opportunity for LGSTX employees to shine in the spotlight and get the recognition they deserve for everything they do.

Training Tips

Work as a Team

Making Your Workday Go Faster

9 Tips to Get Out of a Workday Slump
Ever feel like time is at a standstill at work? Read these quick tips to make your workday more enjoyable and not be a clock-watcher.

Policy Review

Workers Compensation

Despite all the actions taken to prevent accidents from happening, they still can happen. In accordance with the law, LGSTX provides compensation for accidents on the job so that you can get the medical attention required if necessary.